Monday, November 23, 2009

The Golddomedammerung: Replacing Charlie Weis won't be as easy as you think

Dan Wetzel claims that the "Irish can't get it wrong" in the headline for his article on replacing Charlie Weis. Gee, that's never been said before. Wetzel then goes on to discuss coaching choices where absolutely everything could go wrong.
Expecting everything to go peachy in the quest for Weis' successor is pretty unrealistic. Especially if Notre Dame does the foolish thing and tries to go for a big name. Wetzel claims it couldn't hurt to pick talk to Urban Meyer's agent. Yes it would. It's doubtful Meyer's going to start toying with ND (or anybody else) at the edge of fulfilling Tim Tebow's promise of a perfect season. Even thinking Meyer's would want a Les Miles-esque describes delusional in any sense of the word.
As for the other names out there (Brian Kelly, , Jim Harbaugh, etc.) They've had a nice season or two, but are they going to be long term successes on a bigger stage? And do they really want to move to South Bend a.k.a. Delusional Fanbase Central?
Dream of the Endless would frequently ask "What could possibly go wrong?" at the start of his adventures in the Sandman graphic novels. Things usually got out of hand very quickly. Notre Dame and the people who think it will be easy to replace Charlie Weis should remember that.


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