Friday, November 6, 2009

The Boise State PR firm jokes aren't fresh, or funny.

Two reactions I'm already sick of hearing after the news of Boise State's hiring a PR firm to help its BCS chances:

1)Don Draper/Mad Men comments, which got old the first time I heard it.
2)Comments about Boise State's strength of schedule, which got old years ago.

Can the knocks on Boise State's schedule stop? Critics tend to forget it takes two to tango when any football program tries to schedule non-conference opponents. It's easy to ask the prom queen and the head cheerleader and the other alpha chicks at school on a date. They are under no obligation to say "yes." The same goes for the big football programs. Boise State has been willing to face bigger schools. Whether the bigger schools want to face Boise is another question.
If the strength of non-conference opponents mattered that much, then Florida shouldn't be number one in the country. Their non-conference opponents? Charleston Southern (need we say more?), Troy (okay they won the Sun Belt conference, but they're not quite Boise's pesky level yet), and Florida International University (Oh. Child. Please.) The conference schedule hasn't really been that hot this year either (insert snarky Georgia comment here).
Admit it, there is a different set of standards for non-BCS schools than there is for BCS schools, and it's designed that way. Boise State can ask all day to play USC or Florida, but if they don't want to play the Broncos, it doesn't matter in the end.

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