Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving, HokeyBird. Oh, don't look so suprised. Even a casual visitor to this blog could have figured out you'd be the target for today's entry. What, you expected me to go after CavMan today or something? (Don't worry, he's gonna get his sooner or later).
You're really a leftover (OOPS! Did I say leftover? My bad) from the days when Virginia Tech teams were called the Gobblers. According to legend has less to do with turkeys than it does to how the athletes ate their food...they gobbled it up. The team was called the Gobblers until football coach Bill Dooley changed the name to the Hokies (an early 20th century term from a team cheer c. 1896) because he plum didn't like it. Imagine that. Your team's name gets changed because your new coach is anal. Imaging if Lane Kiffin tried that stunt at Tennessee. Wait, let's not give him ideas.
Anyhow for a turkey you're pretty hefty looking. I'll bet you're invited over forto dinner a lot. Yeah, a lot of the Hokie faithful would just love to have you at the table. You're very popular so I guess you have a real recipe for success. (OOPS! did I say recipe?) You sure do add flavor to...Dang! there I go again!
Aw, forget it. MOM! When do we eat?

(apologies as usual to Matthew Gasteier)

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