Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's to blame for the ALCS rainout? The Yankees

After yesterday's rain-out of of Game 6 of the ALCS in New York you can expect to hear a lot of complaining about how messed up baseball is. It's going to be the usual complaint you hear this time of year. The season's too long, it stretches into cold weather months, etc. Just a lot of tired old shots at Bud Selig that aren't going to be seriously dealt with anytime soon.
Do you know who's really to blame for the rain-out. The Yankees. Why, you ask? Because they spent a billion or so and forgot to put a retractable roof on the dang thing.
The Yanks knew going into this construction that the team would be playing in at least one month of the year where weather would be an issue (April), and in good years they would see play in either one or two more months in the post-season (October and November). Add in the uncontrollable rain-out during the spring and summer, and you can imagine where a roof or a retractable roof would be useful.
Add to that the one subject you can guarantee will come up when the Yankees are mentioned: money. I don't know how much it costs the Yanks for each rain-out, but I guess it's a lot. If not from the games themselves then from revenue lost from the broadcasts on YES that have to be scrubbed. And I'm sure ESPN and FOX can't be too happy with the loss of income from bad weather either. Do you really think Rupert Murdoch really wanted to show a Yankee game tonight? He'd probably make more money showing Simpsons and Family Guy reruns tonight. (There's a reason why FOX passed on renewing the BCS contract. It was probably a money loser.)
Besides, no roof means that the Yanks will be losing potential money from non-use in the off-season. Yeah, there's the Yankee Bowl. But guess what Bowl probably won't be in Yankee Stadium? Yep, The Super Bowl. (It won't be going into the new Meadowlands Stadium either. Nice job there too, Jets and Giants). Don't give me the "Super Bowls in cold weather cities suck" crap, either. There is a difference between NYC in the winter and Detroit in the winter. There just is. Deal with it.
As much as Jerry Jones is slammed for the excesses of The Heathen Temple to Jones' Avarice Cowboys Stadium, he's still going to make money from indoor events during the off-season. The NBA All-Star Game will be coming to Cowboys Stadium in 2010. The NCAA Final Four will be coming to Cowboys Stadium in 2014. Expect a few more Final Fours in the years afterwards. And oh yeah, Super Bowl XLV will be coming to Jerryworld in 2011. Yankee Stadium will just be standing fallow waiting for baseball season (Yankee Bowl and the occasional NHL outdoor game notwithstanding). Winner: Jerrah.

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