Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time for a Real World/Road Rules Bully Beatdown

Real World/Road Rules: The Ruins is really starting to hit its stride. For those not in the know, this is the MTV show where alumni of the various Real World and (now defunct) Road Rules seasons get together to compete for cash and squeeze every last minute of their fifteen minutes of fame.
There are usually one or two people on each season who stir up trouble to either ahead in the game or because of complex interpersonal issues that develop season after season. They pretty much bully around other, a occasionally a punch or two are thrown. I think its time these guys show up on another MTV show: Bully Beatdown. In this one worthless schmucks get to send a bully that's making their lives a living you-know-what get to send said bully up against a professional MMA fighter. Seems like a perfect place to give some of these Real World/Road Rulers an attitude adjustment.
The most egregious RW/RRers to throw in the cage:

CT Tamburello

Way too obvious of a choice, but he may be the most notorious of the RW/RR bullies. He's been kicked off twice for punching other cast members. Besides that, he has more issues than a Barnes and Noble magazine rack.

Wes Bergmann

The other obvious choice. Wes came on The Ruins with romance issues (he was engaged to Johanna Botta, but she kinda cheated on him on The Island). He was also complaining a lot at the start about fairness (see below) for picking who got sent into The Ruins elimination challenge, but that was more for reasons more selfish than altruistic. Wes only thinks about himself. He's also very combustible. He also gets in a lot of shouting matches with other people.

Evan Starkman

I like Evan, but he is an absolute schemer. He's been trying to get Wes off his team since the competition. On top of that he's a Grade-A button pusher. His little stunt with putting a plunger in Katie's bed is slowly becoming an internet meme. I hate to do it, but Evan could use a few rounds with an MMA fighter due to that one.

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