Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't You Think This Retro Bit Has Done Got Out Of Hand?

Why does the NFL continue to insult the fashion sense of it's fans? (And trust me some of them already do it to themselves) The Denver Broncos 20-17 overtime victory over the New England Patriots featured what may be the most hideous retro unis yet culled from the archives (and that's pretty much saying a lot there).
To be specific the Broncos were the main offenders in this latest attempt by the NFL to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the AFL, which most everyone knows got assimilated into the NFL collective and became the AFC. Words are just not enough to express the hideousness of the Broncos unis. So...

Brown pants with vertical striped socks? That noise you hear in the background is Heidi Klum trying to talk Tim Gunn off the rooftop of Parsons The New School of Design.
Seriously, enough with the retro unis! At least the ugly ones. Let's remember the Sixties for the classic uniforms like The Cowboys' original home unis or the Black Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey with the gold helmet. But for the love of doughnuts...vertical striped socks?

Never has the phrase "Loser With Socks" been more appropriate, even if they did win. (With apologies to Loser With Socks, the UT website (I'd link you to it, it can be even less family-friendly than Kissing Suzie Kolber at times, if that's even possible). Sure they won. But those unis make this a total Pyrrhic victory. And what was with the socks twisted up like peppermint sticks? Some kind of protest for being forced to were those socks in public? That's gonna draw a fine for sure.
Worse, The NFL again made the refs take part of this cluster-fashion faux-pas with those gosh-awful orange striped shirts:

"Hey ref. I'll have a Whataburger with cheese. Hold the pickles."
Please stop this barrage of ugly unis, Mr. Commissioner. There was a reason these unis were retired by their teams. Let's honor their decision, shall we?

(via Roto Arcade)

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