Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Bama Fan calls Old Miss fans "White Trash". Stupidy ensues.

A bow tie wearing Crimson Tide fan named Taylor Fortenberry (at least that's what he says it is) made a video and posted it on YouTube about this Saturday's game between Alabama and Old Miss, where he referred to Old Miss fans as "white trash". (Insert ironic pot/kettle comment here)Old Miss fans have responded by making wanted posters with his name and face on it, and posting it on facebook. Fortenberry has decided to skip the game.

Here's the vid in all of it's uh,  glory.

How viral has this thing got? It apparently was the top story on at least one tv station's 5:00 news. Slow news day in Alabama, I guess.
SEC fans take their football seriously. Too seriously at times. This is one of those cases where it goes way too far. Death threats for this guy? He dresses like Chet from The Real World: Brooklyn, for crying out loud! (If Chet had 'Bama Bangs, that is)He's just not the kind of person you want to put yourself in legal jeopardy for. Everybody needs to settle down here.

(via Deadspin)

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