Saturday, September 26, 2009

You can't spell f-a-i-l-U-r-e without the "U"

Okay, I'm going to get the obvious smarty pants comment out of the way: Miami calls it's team the Hurricanes, but they get clobbered in a rain storm against Virginia Tech? If it were a closer game, they might get a mulligan due to the atmospheric conditions. But the Hokies trounced the 'Canes 31-7. Rain's been an issue all day on the east coast, with close games (as of 10:14 ET) in Iowa/Penn St. and Arizona St./UGA. But Va. Tech had no problem with processing the 'Canes. What gives? Has Univ. of Miami President (and former Clintonista) Donna Shalala, wussiffied The U that much?
At least one potential Freudian Nightmare seems to be a little farther in the distance now: Jacory Harris' threat to wear a pink suit complete with pimp cup to the Heisman ceremony looks like it might be premature.

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