Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAs: What's a five letter word that rhymes with brick? Oh, I know...Kanye!

Seriously, Kanye West has FUBARed big time. West's little on stage interruption of Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech is gonna go down some where between Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" and Sinead O'Connor ripping up a photo of Pope John Paul II in the annals of career suicide. It's a dumb move in a decade of dumb moves (Dixie Chicks anyone?).
Other than that, the VMAs continued it's steady decline of relevance. From the mostly underwhelming Michael Jackson tribute (barely rescued by Janet's on stage recreation of the "Scream" video with footage of Michael on a screen) to the time wasted for the New Moon trailer, the continued downslide of what was once the best awards program is a show of how far MTV has slip from it's music roots.
The main problem is the lack of rock. Not to disparage hip-hop and rap, but the absence of popular rock acts over the past few years has been noticeable. While maybe two or three acts have performed in recent years, they were mostly up and coming bands that were on the alternative side of the spectrum, such as Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco. Who hasn't been there? Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse and other bands that were either too "mainstream" or already established. Even back in the days of the last 90's/early 2K's MTV skipped over bands like Matchbox 20, Creed, Third Eye Blind, and other groups who were closer to mainstream than whatever brand of "alternative" was hot at the moment. Green Day and Muse were there this year, but that basically meant one rock band that most of America has heard of was on stage. Muse may be on the cusp of popularity here, but it's not quite there yet.
In other words there are two simple things to do to make the VMA's better next year 1)More rock, 2)Forget to send Kanye West's invitation in the mail, and 3)Don't invite Russell Brand either. Wait,that's three, THREE things to do to make the VMA's better next year.

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