Friday, September 25, 2009

Today's QB de jour: Ryan Mallett

Now that Ole Miss's Jevan Snead's been exposed in Thursday's loss to South Carolina, it looks like ESPN has found another pretender to the throne of "Best Quarterback in the SEC." You know, the one with the words "Property of Timothy Richard Tebow" engraved in it?
Well that didn't stop ESPN from asking Friday night if Arkansas' Ryan Mallett is worthy of the title. Sure, had five touchdowns against Georgia. But a troop of Girl Scouts could do the same thing (and even if they lost, they'd beat the spread). Any genuine claim to the title is going to have to roll through Alabama (if you should pardon the expression).The Tide has the third best defense in the country, so don't expect a lot of TD's this weekend from Mallett.
Anyway the point is mute, unless Tebow's the best QB in the SEC at the moment, and it's going to be pretty hard to knock him off that perch at the moment (about as hard as it is to admit it's the truth. Arkansas plays the Gators in The Swamp on October 17, so the best chance for Mallett to stake his claim is there. It's doubtful that Tebow is going to take any challenge lying down, so don't hold your breath. Heck, there's a chance I'll start refusing to call him "Ryan" by the end of tomorrow night (you'll just have to read this to explain that one
The good news Mallett's a sophomore, and he might well be in line for the title when Tebow run at Florida is done at the end of the season. And if Mallett tanks like Snead did Thursday don't say I didn't try to warn you. And don't start claiming that Joe Cox is the Best SEC QB either.

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