Monday, September 28, 2009

Tebow concussion jokes (almost) not funny

I wonder if Tim Tebow saw his future six months from now when he was unconscious?
Okay, I got that one out of my system. I suck for finding humor in Tebow's concussion. If it were any worse I'd obviously not make light of his condition. And if it weren't for having watched FlashForward last week I probably wouldn't have come up with that.
Anyhow, that's probably the least of the Tebow jokes you've heard this weekend. And no, I'm not going to repeat the other ones. Not that they were bad, but they just tended to fall on the sacrilegious side of things. If you know about Tebow I guess you can figure out where those went. The ironic thing there is that I've heard two different sermons in the past month at two different Churches that dealt with taking God's Name in vain. I'm not going to even try to figure out that one.
As it is, the concussion might keep Tebow out of the LSU game in a couple of weeks. Those things can be pretty dangerous if not treated correctly. It's been suggested multiple concussions were partly the cause of Chris Benoit's murder-suicide of himself and his family. The NFL has also taking heat in recent years over players with head injuries. A more serious situation would keep the bad jokes off the radar for a while. But they'd show up sooner of later.
It's a dark side of human nature to deal with chaotic events with dark humor. Knowing what's permissible and what's not is a pretty tricky slope to navigate, especially in life or death situations. It's used to alleviate tension but it can cause much more when used in the wrong way. Knowing which situation is which is the tricky part.

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