Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

Boy,do those Fightin' Irish alumni have a sense of humor! A group...well a guy named Tom Reynolds who claims to be spokesman for a group...has bought space on a billboard near the campus of Notre Dame. The billboard reads "Best wishes to Charlie Weiss in the 5th year of his college coaching internship - Linebacker Alumni."
Reynolds, who allegedly played for the Irish back in the day when they were too good for things like bowl games, claims to represent fifty former Irish players from the same highfalutin' era. He/they are threatening to wear shirts with the same message as the billboard to the Notre Dame opener against Nevada, which he is allegedly selling to defray the cost for the billboard. There's no evidence yet if these shirts (or the group) actually exist, or where the public can buy them.
As for Charlie Weiss' reaction? “I’m the head coach at Notre Dame — I mean, welcome to my world...Tell ‘em thanks a lot for wishing me best wishes. I heard about it, I haven’t seen it and we’ll just leave it at that.” Translation: He wants to take that billboard, polish it up, turn it sideways, and ...well, you get the drill.

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