Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ten Things I'm Dreading this College Football Season

1.The shoving down my throat that Tim Tebow is a greater person than you, me, Billy Graham, The Pope, The Dali Lama, Oprah, Donald Miller and Bono combined.

2.The fact that Georgia will probably suck this year.

3.The fact that Notre Dame will probably not suck this year.

4.Well, it’s not that Notre Dame might not suck as much as the fact that most of the teams on their schedule probably will.

5.Five words: “Not so fast my friend.”

6.That it won’t be long before rumors about Les Miles bolting LSU to replace Rich Rodriguez at Michigan start up.

7.Colin Cowherd’s obsessive manlove for USC alternating with his obsessive manlove for Tom Brady alternating with the obsessive manlove for himself.

8.The number of inevitable halftime tributes to Michael Jackson that will be heard at halftime coast to coast.

9.The fact that some WAC or Mountain West team is going to go 12-0 and still not get to the BCS championship even if both teams in the game are 11-1 or worse.

10. Knowing that it’s going to be January 7, 2010 before long. And knowing that I won’t be able to wait for this frakin’ carnival ride to start all over again.

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