Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Senator Schilling? Isn't Senator Al Franken bad enough?

Y'know, this blog wasn't really intended to get into politics, but ....dangit, Curt Schilling! You of the breaking of the curse and ketchup blood-soaked sock. You just had to go and open you mouth and suggest you might just wanna make a run at the late Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat.
From his ever-present blog 38 Pitches:

While my family is obviously the priority, and 38 Studios is a priority, I
do have some interest in the possibility. That being said, to get to there from
where I am today, many many things would have to align themselves for that to
truly happen. I am not going to comment further on the matter since at this
point it would be speculation on top of speculation.
My hope is that whatever
happens, and whomever it happens to, this state makes the decision and chooses
the best person, regardless of sex, race, religion or political affiliation, to
help get this state back to the place it deserves to be.

Could you have at least waited for to a little more time after the funeral to drop this happy little number on the people of Massachusetts?

Any way, the Yankee blog It Is High, It Is Far, It Is...Caught already has come up with some slogans for Schilling, including "CURT SCHILLING FOR SENATE!Anything to end that stupid blog, " and "I'M A BLEEDING HEART FOR CURT!He's a bleeding ankle for me!" you can read the rest if these little uh, gems here.

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