Friday, September 4, 2009

Oregon @ Boise St.:Boy, that pre-game handshake is worked out real well!

Great idea there. Start a game with a handshake between opposing teams. End game with one player on the losing team punching a player from the winning team in the face. What the frak was Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount thinking punching Boise St. DE Byron Hout after the game? He's going to be lucky if he's still on the team by the time the morning comes.
And Boise St. is pretty foolish to think this game's going to lead to a BCS Championship . This game was real sloppy. The Broncos' missed several opportunities to score. Even beating a Pac-10 Team, they looked like The Not Ready for Prime Time Players at times. It wasn't really a dominating performance, at least not the kind needed to impress the voters in the polls. Depending on how things go this weekend, it may not be enough for the Top Ten.

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