Friday, September 4, 2009

Notre Dame:One virus leads to another

I tried to do a Google search on the on-field career of Tom Reynolds, the alledged former Notre Dame football player behind the now-removed billboard mocking ND Coach Charlie Weis. All I got was an attempted computer virus attack.

It's kind of appropriate. People like Reynolds are a virus to college sports.

Reynolds and his alledged group of 50 former players (none of whom have come out of the shadows) are the kind of fans who believe that winning is an entitlement. They do what they can to influence the direction of the programs they love. At best the results lead to ridicule. Like when Auburn sugar daddy Bobby Lauder and his crew's attempted to lure Bobby Petrino to Auburn when Tommy Tubberville was still coaching. (By the way, how's business doing at Colonial Bank, Bobby, oh yeah...) At worst, you get the kind of recruiting violations that tanked Alabama for years.

Luckily in this case, it's just an ex-player with neglible playing time making an spectacle of himself and embarrassing the Notre Dame. This at a time when an easy schedule could possibly lead up to BCS appearance. Nice timing there.

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