Sunday, September 20, 2009

NFL: Three things we learned in Week Two

1. Jay Cutler has zero charisma. Maybe even negative charisma. Win or lose, you're just not going to get much personality-wise. He'd make a great Black Lantern Zombie.
2. Jacksonville is well on it's way to getting that shot at Tim Tebow in the draft. The biggest things that are standing in the Jags' way right now are four other 0-2 teams on their schedule (Tennessee (twice), St. Louis, Kansas City, and Cleveland) plus Miami, who could be 0-2 by tomorrow night. The only other roadblock seems to be Carolina, but they did show signs of life against in a 28-20 loss to the Falcons. A few wins there might put them out of contention.
3. A billion dollars was spent building the Heathen Temple of Jerry Jones Avarice. Expect Jerry to spend at least that much on a team next year if the 2010 season is uncapped.

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