Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More ex-celeb MMA hijinks

And another name to the growing list of people getting into MMA who absolutely don't belong in MMA. First it was Tommy the Green Power Ranger (White Power Ranger, same dang thing). Then it was Herschel Walker. Now comes word that rapper DMX is going to be fighting on the undercard of a Thunder Promotions event headlined by Butterbean vs. Tank Abbot in Birmingham, AL. What, Jose Canseco wasn't available? Wait, don't answer that.
If anything, this shows the one step forward, two steps back approach MMA as a whole takes when it comes to being seen as a legitimate sport. Despite the efforts of Dana White and the UFC, stunts like celebrity cage fighters tend to drop MMA down a notch. At least when UFC goes the celeb route with fighters like Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice they at least make sure they actually have some sort of actual background in MMA or wrestling or something. For some promotions it seems publicity is more important than legitimacy.

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