Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memphis wants in the BCS: don't hold your breath

Credit must by given to the University of Memphis. Even after months of turmoil in the men's basketball program, the school has delusions visions of grandeur. Tom Dienhart of Yahoo! Sports reports that Memphis is seeking to join a "Big Six" (aka BCS) conference. This after former head basketball coach John Calipari bolted for Kentucky, and the school's greatest athletic achievement was erased from the record books following the Derrick Rose SAT scandal. Commercial Appeal reports Memphis has even gone as far as hiring former Big East Commisioner Mike Tranghese as a consultant to campaign for it's cause. Mind you, the Big East (much less anybody else) doesn't seem to be interested in expansion at the moment. And while Memphis might in the realm of possibility be on a short list for membership, there's all that baggage to consider. Plus Memphis' football program isn't actually ready for prime time (the BCS) either.


Anonymous said...

You should probably consider this - Memphis has the support of Fred Smith, founder of FedEx and CEO, Allen Graf, the CFO, and other top officers. FedEx spend multiple millions on sports sponsorships each year and appears ready to support the U of M there. In addition, a Memphis membership brings the Liberty Bowl to that conference with a 2 million dollar plus payout and a game verse an SEC school.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that schools with less to lean on (USF) were able to gain access to a BCS conference. This article is clearly the work of someone with nothing better to do than think of ways to put others down in an effort to gain readership. Congratulations, you are an idiot.