Friday, September 25, 2009

Lane Kiffin move over. Bruce Pearl's back in contention for "Vols' Most Embarrassing Coach"

I guess Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl decided Lane Kiffin has gotten too far ahead in the "Let's embarrass our school" competition and decided to get back in the game. Sadly this time it's sort of backfired. Pearl has had to apologize for this little gem:

“I’ve got a tough job. I’ve got to put these guys from different worlds together, right? I’ve got guys from Chicago, Detroit. I’m talking about the ‘hood! And I’ve got guys from Grainger County, where they wear the hood!”

Yeah, not a smart move there. There's not enough body paint in the world to cover this one up. If you want to hear Pearl's joke in all it's uh, glory, click here.

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