Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joe Cox thinks you should just shut up

More proof that the Joe Cox era at UGA will not be a happy one. Or maybe a long one for that matter:
Here is young Mr. Cox answering his critics in the Athens Banner-Herald:

"Half the people who have stuff to say after games have never played a down of football before in their entire life," said Cox, who completed 15 of 30 passes for 162 yards with a touchdown, an interception and a lost fumble. "I wouldn't criticize somebody for something I've never played before or never done before, but some people feel it's their place to say how somebody is doing when they've never done it before. That's just something I've never understood.

"Stuff like that doesn't bother me. You've got to look at the source, and if it's somebody who's never played football, I could care less what you say."

Well if people did that the Internet would be extinct. Ditto for sports talk radio.

Obviously, Cox hasn't been to the Tim Tebow School of Turning a Hissy Fit Into a Motivational Speech. This would do down as a rookie mistake if it weren't for the fact that Cox is a senior. Seriously, he's had a long time to come up with what to say for that first inevitable loss, and this is what he comes up with? Absolutely weak.

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