Friday, September 18, 2009

It had to happen: Shirts With Random Triangles vs. Jim Mora Sr. vs. Jay Cutler

It's not surprising that it took several days for the Jim Mora Sr.-Jay Cutler dust-up to blow up in the media. Mora's comments about Cutler's remarks after the Bears' loss to the Steelers came Monday on the NFL Network's The Head Coaches, which most of America can't see due to The League's headstrongness over cable deals. Mora called Cutler "completely immature" in when it came to Culter's demeanor at the press conference. Wait...Jim Mora complaining about behavior at a press conference? Does the word "Playoffs" ring a bell. There's a reason a certain adult beverage company built not one but two commercials around his press conference meltdowns. Including one that inspired some worthless blog's name.
Besides, what are people expecting from Cutler...a Tim Tebow moment? Just admit it, Cutler isn't charismatic. He won't be doing any Direct TV commercials anytime soon. You won't be seeing Cutler and Urlacher taking on the Mannings in those dumb Oreo commercials (Double Stuff, whatever).

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