Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colin Cowherd flip-flop watch

Colin Cowherd changes his mind like a girl changes clothes. I remember how he used to anti Brett Favre and pro Michel Vick. These days its the other way around. He's switched sides on the MLB salary cap issue at least once or twice. Cowherd's a radio player at best and a band wagoner at worst.
Which brings us to today's losses by BYU and Utah. Cowherd proclaimed that the Mountain West Conference deserved a place among the BCS elite after BYU upset Oklahoma. Today, with BYU falling to FSU, and Utah losing to Oregon, I fully expect him to flip-flop his views on Monday. Tuesday at the latest. He's gonna claim that the Mountain West doesn't deserve a permanent BCS spot, just watch.

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Anonymous said...

He flip flopped yesterday.. His previous stance on Jay Cutler is that he was not a winning QB.. He would bring up that Jay Cutler's teams had a losing record.. In College, Vanderbilt.. He even mentioned something about high school.. I think he said that Cutler hadn't had a winning season since high school..

He was saying that even after the Bears' 11-5 season..

Well yesterday on SportsNation, he flip flopped and is now saying "All he does is go out an win games."