Saturday, September 19, 2009

CBS tries it's hand at MMA again

Looks like CBS is trying to get back into the MMA game again with Strikeforce and FedorEmelianenko, according to Dave Meltzer. This after the infamous Elite XC fight between Seth Petruzelli and Kimbo Slice which lasted fourteen seconds. CBS will show the fight between Emelianenko and Brett Rodgers on November 7 from 9-11 ET. Even with Emelianenko, CBS is taking a risk after the Elite XC debacle. Emelianenko, while known to the MMA world, is barely known to the American public.
The majority of the American viewing public has accepted UFC as it's source of MMA and not much of anything else (WEC is owned by UFC's parent company Zuffa, so it doesn't count). Emelianenko may be the best fighter in the world, but he's not the best known in the US. It might have been a wiser move for CBS to sign a deal with UFC instead of the smaller promotions.

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