Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bobby Cox to retire in 2010. 2010 can't come too soon

Bobby Cox will retire at the end of the 2010 baseball season. Sadly, it's only the closing days of the 2009 season. Don't get me wrong. Bobby Cox is obviously the best manager the Braves have ever had. It's just that this should have happened a couple of seasons ago it seems. Cox still manages the way he did in the 1990's for the most part. But that style has become harder and harder to be successful while other teams have been catching up to the Braves, and eventually passed them by.
Then there are the little idiosyncrasies that may or may not have cost the Braves any number of National League and World Series titles. Too dependent on the three man pitching rotation in the playoffs. Oddball starting lineups. Putting in fair to middling veterans instead of hot rookies and younger players.
The even worse part about this is that Braves fans are stuck with another year of HarryTerry Pendleton and LloydRoger McDowell, alleged hitting and pitching coaches respectfully. While McDowell arguably gets a mulligan for having pitching staffs who were injured over the past few years, you'd have to question the level of conditioning the pitching staff is expected to be at. I'll just say here have been any number of Braves' relief pitchers who need to be barred for Golden Corral. As for Pendleton, well that was pretty much said here.

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