Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And a Baseball Diamond Runs Through It, Part Deux

Another edition of Monday Night Football, another football field spoiled by the imprint of a baseball diamond. This one courtesy of the Miami Dolphins and their sadly named Land Shark Stadium (the ex-Dolphin Pro Player/Joe Robbie Stadium). This one might actually hurt worse than last week's Chargers-Raiders game in Oakland, since the Dolphins don't really deserve it as much. They're forced for share a stadium with The Florida Marlins until 2012, when the the baseball fish are scheduled to move into a new stadium.
Even worse for the Dolphins: Thanks to a naming rights deal with Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, the stadium is tagged with the moniker Land Shark Stadium, after a lager with the same Land Shark name. Epic fail. Jimmy Buffett has the right to buy the naming rights to a stadium to promote an adult beverage. But seriously, why not name it Margaritaville Stadium? The sales from the merchandise would be more profitable than the beer ever would. A t-shirt with the words "Margaritaville Stadium" = license to print money.

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