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Penn St., Ohio St., Michigan St., and Wisconsin are the only bowl eligible teams going into Week 9.

Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin are the only four teams in the Big Ten that are currently bowl eligible. The only team that can join them in Week 9 is Michigan, which should seal the deal with a win against Rutgers.

Bowl projections, unless otherwise noted, are via Jerry Palm of CBS Sports.

Six or more games (Bowl eligible)

Big Ten East

Penn State (7-0, conference 4-0)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Ohio State

Nov. 4 @ Michigan State

Nov. 11 vs. Rutgers

Two huge games followed by Rutgers. What could possibly go wrong.

Projected bowl

2018 Rose Bowl Game (College Football Semifinal no. 2 vs no. 3)(Jan. 1, 2018), (Pasadena, CA.)

Projected opponent 

Ohio St.

Jim Delany will sacrificing small mammals to Baal to make sure this happens.

Michigan State (6-1, conference 4-0)

Next three games 

Oct. 28 @ Northwestern

Nov. 4 vs. Penn St.

Oct. 11 @ Ohio St.

Michigan St. needs to be sure that it's not overlooking Northwestern while getting ready for the Nittany Lions and Buckeyes.

Projected Bowl 

2018 Citrus Bowl (Jan. 1, 2018, Orlando, FL.)

Projected opponent 


Jason Kirk of SB*Nation is projecting Mich, St. vs Texas A&M in the 2018 Outback Bowl.

Ohio State (6-1, conference 4-0)

Next three games

Oct. 28 vs. Penn St.

Nov. 4 @ Iowa

Nov. 11 vs. Mich. St.

The last part of the Penn St.-Mich. St.-Ohio St, trifecta.

Big Ten West 

Wisconsin (7-0, conference 4-0)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Illinois

Nov. 4 @ Indiana

Nov. 11 vs. Iowa

While the Nittany Lions, Spartans, and Buckeyes best themselves to a pulp, Wisconsin will Illinois and Indiana, respectively the bottom two teams in the B1G West and B1G East.

Projected bowl 

2017 Fiesta Bowl (Dec. 30, Glendale, AZ.)

Projected opponent 

Oklahoma State

The Badgers shouldn't feel too upset if they come out on the short end of the Big Ten title stick. Wisconsin vs. Oklahoma St. has the makings of being a game worth being called a "bowl."

Five games (Magic number: 1)

Big Ten East 

Michigan (5-2, conference 2-2)

Next three games

Nov. 28 vs. Rutgers

Oct, 4 vs. Minnesota

Oct. 11 @ Maryland

The road trip against Maryland could lead to an even bigger derailment to Michigan's 2017 season.

Projected bowl 

2018 Outback Bowl (Jan .1, 2018, Tampa, FL.)

Projected opponent 


Michigan winding up in the Outback Bowl against LSU would be a respectable way to finish up its season.

Big Ten West 


Four wins (Magic number: 2)

Northwestern (4-3, conference 2-2)

Next three games 

Oct. 28 vs. Michigan St.

Nov. 4 @ Nebraska

Nov. 11 Purdue

It wouldn't be hard for Northwestern to see it's postseason hopes go off the rails via a two-or-three game losing streak during its next three games.

Projected bowl 

2017 Holliday Bowl (Dec. 28, San Diego, CA.)

Projected opponent 


Northwestern vs. Utah wouldn't be a bad matchup.

Iowa (4-3, conference 1-3)

Next three games 

Oct. 28 vs. Minnesota

Nov. 4 vs. Ohio St.

Nov. 11 @ Wisconsin

Speaking of a team whose season has gone off the rails, Iowa finds itself near the bottom of the Big Ten West thank to losses from Penn St., Mich. St., and Northwestern. The Minnesota is a must-win as the Wildcats prepares to face both the Hawkeyes and the Badgers.

Projected bowl 

2017 Music City Bowl (Dec. 29, Nashville, TN.)

Projected opponent 


Nashville isn't the worst place Iowa could find itself during the postseason. That would probably be the 2018 Quick Lane Bowl

Minnesota (4-3, conference 1-3) 

Next three games 

Oct. 28 @ Iowa

Nov. 4 @ Michigan

Nov. 11 vs. Nebraska

Minnesota went from three straight wins at the start of the season to three straight losses to a win against B1G West conference cellar dweller Illinois in Week 8. Is this a bad sign of things to come for the Golden Gophers? The last two games of the Minnesota's season are a road trip to Northwestern on Nov. 18 followed by hosting B1G West-leading Wisconsin on Oct. 25. Winning two games over the next five weeks is going to be really tough.

Projected bowl 

2017 Pinstripe Bowl (Dec. 27, New York City, NY)

Projected opponent (Ken Bonagura, ESPN)

Georgia Tech

I had to go back and make sure that Bonagura and his partner, David M. Hale, had actually updated their rankings after seeing this (they have).

Three games (Magic number: 3)

Big Ten East

Rutgers ( 3-4, conference 2-2)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Michigan

Nov. 4 vs. Maryland

Nov. 11 @ Penn State

This three-game stretch may just sink Rutgers' postseason hopes.

Projected bowl


Maryland (3-4, conference 1-3)

Next three games

Oct. 28 vs. Indiana

Nov. 4 @ Rutgers

Nov. 11 vs. Michigan

Maryland's final two games of the season are playing Michigan State on the road on Nov. 18, then Penn St. on Nov. 25. Things aren't looking up for Maryland's postseason hopes here.

Projected bowl 


Indiana (3-4, conference 0-4)

Next three weeks 

Oct. 28 @ Maryland
Nov. 4 vs. Wisconsin
Nov. 11 @ Illinois

Add Indians's final two games of the season, Rutgers on Nov. 18, and Purdue on Nov. 25, and the Hoosiers may have the best chance of the 3-4 teams to earn the three wins needed for bowl eligibility.

Projected bowl 

2018 Heart of Dallas Bowl (Dec. 26, Dallas, TX.)

Projected opponent


The Heart of Dallas Bowl's conference tie-ins are in theory supposed to be the Big 12 and Conference USA. That should tell you how desperate bowls will be needing to get to find eligible teams to send invites to.

Big Ten West 

Nebraska (3-4, conference 2-2)

Next three weeks 

Oct. 28 @ Purdue

Nov. 4 vs. Northwestern

Nov. 11 @ Minnesota

The last stand for Nebraska's postseason hopes? The Cornhuskers face Penn St. on Nov. 18, then ends the season against Iowa on Nov. 25.

Projected bowl


Purdue (3-4, conference 1-3)

Next three weeks 

Oct. 28 vs. Nebraska

Nov. 4 vs. Illinois

Nov. 11 @ Northwestern

Purdue's final two games of the 2017 season are Iowa on Nov. 18, and Indiana on Nov. 25. Three more wins are in theory a possibility.

Projected bowl 

2017 Pinstripe Bowl (Dec 27, New York, NY)

Projected opponent

Notre Dame

This actually has the markings of possibly being the worst bowl matchup amongst the bowl tied into the Power 5 conferences.

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