Monday, October 9, 2017

ACC Bowl Eligibility Watch: Clemson is officially bowl eligible.

Clemson became the first and only ACC to qualify for bowl eligibility. It might stay that way this weekend, as most of its fellow ACC members face tough games in week 7.

Six wins (Bowl eligible)

ACC Atlantic 

Clemson (6-0, 4-0 conference)

Projected bowl: 

2018 Rose Bowl Game (College Football Playoff semifinal) (Jan. 1, 2018)

Projected opponent: Ohio State

Jerry Palm projects both Ohio State and Penn State making it to the CFP semifinals. Don't hold your breath, as the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions have to face each other on Oct. 28.

ACC Costal: 


Five wins ( Magic number: 1)

ACC Atlantic 

North Carolina State (5-1, 3-0 conference)

The toughest part of NC State's 2017 schedule is arguably over the next three games. The Wolfpack travels to Pittsburgh on Oct. 14, have a bye in Week 8, then travel to Notre Dame on Oct. 28. NC State hosts Clemson on Nov. 4.

Rough patch aside, NC State should be bowl eligible by October's end.

Projected bowl

2017 TaxSlayer Bowl (Dec. 30, Jacksonville, Fl.)

Projected opponent: 

There are probably scenarios where NC State could make it to a New Years Six bowl, but they all probably involve the Wolfpack winning at least four of its remaining six games, and having Miami (Fl.) and/or Virginia Tech drop a few big games before the ACC title game.

ACC Costal

Virginia Tech  (5-1, conference 1-1)

Thanks to a Week 7 bye, Va. Tech will have to wait until Oct. 21, for its first chance to become bowl eligible at home against North Carolina. The Hokies face Duke on Oct. 28, then Miami on Nov.4.

Projected bowl:

2017 Camping World Bowl (Dec. 28, Orlando, Fl.)

Projected opponent:


Palm projects the Hokies facing the Sooners in the Camping World Bowl.  There is still a possibility of Va. Tech making it to the Orange Bowl if Miami drops more than one game the rest of the season.

Four wins (Magic number: 2)

ACC Atlantic 

Louisville (4-2, conference 1-2)

At first glance, Louisville looks like it could win at least the one game needed to become bowl eligible. The Cardinals face Boston College on Oct. 14, followed by  a struggling  FSU. Wake Forest finishes up the month on Oct. 28.

Projected bowl:

2017 Sun Bowl (Dec 29, El Paso, Tx.)

Projected opponent:


Wake Forest (4-2, 1-2 conference)

Wake Forest is the first possibility in the ACC this season where a team that is 4-2 after Week 6 fails to make it to bowl eligibility. The Demon Deacons have a Week 7 bye, then travel to Georgia Tech on Oct. 21, and host Louisville on Oct. 28. Notre Dame travels to Raleigh on Nov. 4.

Projected bowl (Jason Kirk, SB*Nation)

2017 Independence Bowl (Dec. 27, Shreveport, La.)

Projected opponent: Northwestern

There are worse bowl scenarios than this one involving Northwestern. There is, however, a certain suspicious feeling that pops up in the back of my mind then a sportswriter projects Northwestern playing any similar "smart" school.

ACC Costal

Miami (Fl.) (4-0, 2-0 conference)

Miami's home game vs. Georgia Tech was pushed back until Oct. 14. The Hurricanes then host Syracuse on Oct. 21, then Travel to North Carolina on Oct. 28. Getting another win in October is doable, which is a good thing as Virginia Tech comes to town on Nov. 4.

Projected bowl:

2017 Orange Bowl (Dec. 30, Miami. Fl.)

Projected opponent


I look at the remainder of Auburn's schedule, and feel an Orange Bowl is a stretch. Kirk projects a Miami-Penn State Orange Bowl.

Virginia (4-1, conference 1-0)

Virginia has a number of winnable games on its schedule during the remainder of October. The Cavilers  travel to North Carolina on Oct. 14, host Boston College On Oct. 21, and finish out the month traveling to Pitt on Oct. 28.

Projected Bowl: (Kirk)

2017 Military Bowl (Dec. 28. Annapolis, Md.)

Projected opponent: 


Palm didn't have Virginia going to a bowl game this postseason.

Duke (4-2, 1-2 conference)

Duke is on a two-game losing streak, and has a tough three-game stretch ahead of it. The Blue Devils host a 1-3 but still dangerous Florida State on Oct. 14, then remain at home on Oct. 21 to host Pitt. Duke ends a rough month on the road facing Virginia Tech on Oct. 28.

Duke needs two wins for bowl eligibility, bit it doesn't feel like it will make it there in October.

Projected bowl:

2017 Independence Bowl

Projected opponent: 


Three wins (Magic number: 3)

ACC Atlantic 

Syracuse (3-3, conference 1-1)

Syracuse hosts Clemson on Oct. 14. has a bye, then travels to Miami on Oct. 21. The Orange stay on road as it travels to FSU on Nov. 4.

Bowl eligibility would probably have to involve Syracuse pulling off a big upset somewhere.

Projected bowl:


ACC Coastal 

Georgia Tech (3-1,  conference 2-0)

Two of Georgia Tech's three wins have over ACC conference rivals. The Yellow Jackets will have a rough October, as it travels to Miami (Fl) on Oct. 14, host Wake Forest on Oct. 21, and end the month back on the road against Clemson.

Projected bowl: 

2017 Military Bowl

Projected opponent:


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