Thursday, September 14, 2017

Most Hateable Games of the Week - Week 3

Week 3 begins on Thursday night, and while the season is still young there are games on the schedule where it's nigh impossible to root for either team to win. These are the Most Hateable Games of The Week.

1. Tennessee @ Florida

Is it okay to hate a game involving a state recovering from a hurricane? Yes, because rooting against a football team is part of the healing process. Also, we're talking about the University of Florida here, which has cultivated severe dislike over decades. Plus, Tennessee is involved, so it's a classic case where one doesn't want to see either team come out with a win.

2. Texas @ USC
This is the first time USC has faced Texas since losing to the Longhorns in the 2006 Rose Bowl/BCS Title Game. Even removing that game from the NCAA record books would not decrease the hateability of either program.

3. Notre Dame @ Boston College

Following a closer that anyone wants to admit loss to Georgia, Notre Dame has to go on the road face Boston College. Neither team has been relevant since former BC starting quarterback Matt Ryan was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2008.

4. Wisconsin @ BYU

BYU's growing reputation as a "dirty" team hangs over this game, as is the hubris of a Wisconsin team from being a Big Ten program that classically manages to overperform and underperform at the same time.

5. Oklahoma State @ Pitt

Does anybody feel like Pitt should really in the Big 12 instead of the ACC? Does anybody not expect this to  be an ugly game? Pitt comes off a loss to Penn State, which will make play feel even more desperate in this game.

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