Thursday, November 17, 2016

Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro charged with kicking and damaging scooters.

Eddy Pineiro. Image via

Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro is facing charges of misdemeanor property damage following an incident in which he allegedly damaged two kicking them.

"Pineiro was cited for a misdemeanor charge of property damage/criminal mischief earlier this month, according to Alachua County court records filed yesterday. According to a sworn complaint from the university police department, Pineiro "began pushing over scooters that were next to his. Pineiro damaged two scooters by kicking them, and then ripping off the side mirrors."

Pineiro reportedly did $800 in damage to the scooters. 

According to several reports Florida head coach Jim McElwain was apparently not aware of the incident involving Pineiro when asked about it in a press conference on Wednesday. 

Pineiro is still reportedly set to participate in Florida's road game against LSU on Saturday. 

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