Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is Alabama A Sure Thing For The 2016 College Football Playoff?

2016 College Football Playoff and Bowl Projections - Week 2

Alabama vs. USC on Sept. 3. Image via si.com.

Is it too early for bowl projections. Yes, but what's your point. Writers need something to use as content, and guessing who will be in the College Football Playoff at the end of the year is sure to get clicks, especially if their choices are off the chain.

Almost all the writers surveyed this week have Alabama going to the CFP. The exception is Jason Kirk, who hasn't quite posted his post-week two projections yet. If and when he does, it's doubtful LSU will be there.

2016 Fiesta Bowl (Dec. 31)
CFP no. 2 vs. CFP no. 3

Pete Fiutak, College Football News - Ohio State vs. Louisville
Jason Kirk, SB*Nation (*Preseason) - Clemson vs. Michigan
Stewart Mandel, FOX Sports - FSU vs. Clemson
Brett McMurphy, ESPN - FSU vs. Ohio St.
Dave Miller, Campus Insiders - FSU vs. Ohio St.
Jerry Palm, CBS Sports - Clemson vs. Stanford
Mark Schlabach, ESPN - Florida State (FSU) vs. Ohio St.
Alec Shirkey, SEC Country - FSU vs. Alabama

It looks like a three-way race for the no. 2 position in the College Football Playoffs between Ohio St., Clemson, and FSU. Shirkey has Alabama at no. 3, suggesting the Crimson Tide's road to the CFP will get a little bumpy.

2016 Peach Bowl (Dec. 31)
CFP no. 1 vs. CFP no. 4

Fiutak - Alabama vs. Boise State
Kirk (*Preseason) - LSU vs. TCU
Mandel - Alabama vs. TCU
McMurphy - Alabama vs. Houston
Miller - Alabama vs. TCU
Palm - Alabama vs. Houston
Schlabach - Alabama vs. Houston
Shirley - Ohio St. vs. Stanford

The majority of the pundits have 'Bama finishing out the regular season at no 1. Beyond that, Houston and TCU are the favorites to finish no. 4 this year.

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