Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paul Finebaum Vs. Nick Saban At SEC Media Days Over Discipline Of Players (Or Lack Thereof).

Hail Saban!

If you haven't seen the footage of Alabama head coach Nick Saban going off on SEC Network's Paul Finabaum over the level of discipline (or lack thereof) handed out to the recent arrests of Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson and cornerback Hootie Jones, then here it is.

Robinson and Jones were arrested on May 17 for misdemeanor drug-possession charges. Robinson was also charged for allegedly possessing a stolen handgun.  Charges against the players were later dropped.

After the interview, Saban reportedly laid into Finabaum with some not-mama approved language. posted footage of the reported off-the-air tirade, which was sadly out of range of a good microphone.


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