Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Butch Jones Says Tennessee Will Don "Smokey Grey" Alternate Uniforms Twice During 2016 Season.

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Action from 2015 Georgia-Tennessee game. Image via timesfreepress.com.

Did you like Tennessee's alternate "Smokey Grey" uniforms last season. Tennessee head coach Butch Jones says the unis will be returning for two games during the 2016 college football season.

“They were named the uniform of the year, and I thought it was great,” Jones said. “And I think it really was symbolic of the state of Tennessee. Actually, I didn’t say this in the car down here, but I thought about it in my mind, when were driving here there was a shot of the mountains, and it actually resembled our helmet. Nike actually went up into the Smoky Mountains and actually developed that Smokey Grey for us based off of the mountains.“I thought that was a great addition, and we’re not changing ‘em. They’ll be the same. And we’re making a tradition of that.”
The Nike-designed Smokey Grey made their debut during the Vols' 38-31 overtime victory over Georgia last season. Don't expect the unis to show up in this upcoming season's showdown with the Dawgs, however. The game is being played at Stanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia on Oct. 1.

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