Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jeff Long Steps Down From CFP Selection Committee Chairman Role After Two Seasons.

Jeff Long. Image via USA Today.

Jeff Long is an ex-College Football Playoff Selection Committee chairman. Long, announced Tuesday that he is stepping down from the role after serving as CFP Selection Committee chairman for the first two seasons of its existence.

According to CFP executive director Bill Hancock, the role of CFP Selection Committee chairman was intended from the committee's inception “to be a one-or two-year term.”

Long expressed his gratitude for his two-season tenure as CFP Selection Committee chairman in a statement released by USA Today.

"It is difficult to accurately express my sincere and deep appreciation for having been chosen by the 10 FBS Commissioners to serve as the first Chair of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee and then to be chosen for my second term by me fellow committee members. It was extremely meaningful to me personally and professionally.
"When I accepted the position of chairman, I did so feeling a strong sense of duty to represent all FBS Athletics Directors across the country and a commitment to help guide the process to determine the best four teams for the playoff as well as rank the remainder of the top 25 teams.

"I am extremely proud of the work of the committee in the past two years and am confident we accomplished our mission." 
"I want to thank the management committee, Bill Hancock and my fellow committee members for their confidence in and support of me in such an important role.
"I also want to thank the administration of the University of Arkansas for its support throughout my tenure.
"I look forward to continuing our work on the committee as we serve on behalf of the thousands of student-athletes competing in college football.”

Long will continue to serve on the CFP Selection Committee for another two years, as well as his role as athletic director of Arkansas. 

Hancock told USA Today that he hoped that a new CFP Selection Committee chairman would be selected from among the current 12-person membership by the end of January. 

(via USA Today)

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