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2015 Las Vegas Bowl Preview, And Whether A Dec. 19 Date Is A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing.

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The first Pac-12-affiliated bowl is the Las Vegas Bowl, the second bowl game of the season. One would think that a Power 5 conference would want the bowls that feature Group of Five conference vs. Group of Five conference to cycle out before its bowl schedule starts to kick in. It's not the case here, and it's hard to really tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

On one hand, the Las Vegas Bowl almost becomes by default the biggest bowl game of the day because of the Pac-12's presence. On the other hand, it feels like an outlier, as the next Pac-12 officially affiliated bowl game isn't until Dec. 26, when Washington State will face Miami in the Sun Bowl.

The Las Vegas Bowl's other conference affiliation calls for either the winner of the Mountain West, or the second highest-ranked MWC team if the no. 1 team goes to a  College Football Playoff Bowl, or BYU. Considering the odds are probably better that the MWC champion doesn't make the CFP, has a bowl where a Pac-12 school faces either the MWC champ or the second most notable independent school each year feels like it needs to be held after Christmas.

It's hard to see the benefit for having a Pac-12 vs MWC champ/BYU bowl game scheduled for the first day of the college bowl season. In theory, this kind of matchup really needs to be later in the college bowl season, where it can earn a little more prestige.

Official name
2015 Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

2015 opponents
BYU vs. Utah

Dec 19, 2015

Time and TV
2:00 PM ET, ESPN

Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nv.

Bowl established 

Conference Affiliation
Mountain West/BYU vs. Pac-12

2014 final score
Utah defeated Colorado State 45-10

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