Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Surveying the CFP and New Year's Six projections.

It's College Football Playoff Tuesday. Expect major shakeups following LSU and TCU's losses this past weekend. While we wait for the Committee's poll this week, let's look at what some of the media's projections are for the CFP and the New Year's Six bowls are.

Pundits picked for this review are ESPN's Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach, CBS Sports' Jerry Palm, SB*Nation's Jason Kirk, and Bleacher Report's Bryan Fischer.

College Football Playoff:

Final Four projections

 McMurphy: Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma State
Schlabach: Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State Baylor
Palm: Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, Stanford
Kirk: Clemson, Alabama, Clemson, Baylor
Fischer: Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, Stanford

Kirk makes the boldest projection with Ohio St. being knocked out of the CFP title picture by Michigan. I'm not holding my breath on that one. Second boldest: McMurphy's apparent projection of Oklahoma St. coming out on top in the Big 12 over Baylor. Palm and Fischer see Stanford chosen by the CFP selection committee over the Big 12 title winner.

Cotton Bowl (No 2. vs. No. 3)

McMurphy: Alabama vs Ohio State
Schlabach: Alabama vs. Ohio State
Palm: Alabama vs. Clemson
Kirk: Alabama vs. Stanford
Fischer: Clemson vs. Alabama

The Southern college football fan in me is far more interested in seeing Alabama vs. Clemson in the Cotton Bowl than another 'Bama-Ohio St. matchup in the semifinals. Bama vs. Stanford might be the least interesting of the projections.

Orange Bowl (No. 1 vs No. 4)

McMurphy: Clemson vs. Oklahoma State
Schlabach: Clemson vs. Baylor
Palm: Ohio State vs. Stanford
Kirk: Clemson vs. Baylor
Fischer: Ohio State vs. Stanford

Conventional wisdom sees Clemson vs the Big 12 representative (Baylor or Oklahoma St.) Palm and Fischer see a de facto Rose Bowl Game East for the Orange Bowl with Ohio St. taking on Stanford.

New Years' Six Bowls

Sugar Bowl

McMurphy: Florida vs. Baylor
Schlabach: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Palm: TCU vs. LSU
Kirk: Oklahoma vs. LSU
Fischer: Baylor vs. LSU

Everyone but McMurphy sees LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Schlabach and Kirk see Oklahoma facing LSU. He gives the Tigers' place to Florida. Baylor vs. LSU could be a letdown game. LSU vs. Oklahoma have the marquee name matchup, which could prove to be the most interesting in the end.

Rose Bowl

McMurphy: Iowa vs. Stanford
Schlabach: Iowa vs. Stanford
Palm: Iowa vs. Utah
Kirk:  Michigan vs. USC
Fischer: Iowa vs. Utah

Iowa vs. Utah is the trendy pick. Iowa vs. Stanford is the safe pick. Michigan vs. USC is your grandad's (and presumably ABC programing's) pick. Hawkeyes vs. Cardinal might be the best matchup of the three.

Fiesta Bowl

McMurphy: Oklahoma vs. Houston
Schlabach: Utah vs. Notre Dame
Palm: Baylor vs. Houston
Kirk: Notre Dame vs. Iowa
Fischer: Houston vs. Notre Dame

The Fiesta Bowl could be this year's Island of Misfit Toys Bowl. Notre Dame vs. Iowa might be the most interesting matchup. Oklahoma vs. Houston may have the best chance for an upset. Baylor vs. Houston sounds like the worst thing that could happen to Baylor postseason-wise.

Peach Bowl

McMurphy: LSU vs. Notre Dame
Schlabach: Florida vs. Houston
Palm: Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
Kirk: Ohio State vs. Houston
Fischer: Michigan State vs. Oklahoma

Outside of Kirk's "What was he thinking?" Ohio St.-Houston pick, the Peach Bowl has potential of being the best of the New Year's Six Bowls. Michigan St. vs. Oklahoma may have the best potential of the five projections, followed by the Spartans vs. The Irish. LSU-Notre Dame could be a crowd pleaser. Florida vs. Houston may surprise viewers as being a very competitive game.

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