Monday, July 20, 2015

Nick Saban reveals details of decision to leave the Miami Dolphins to coach Alabama.

Nick and Terry Saban. Image via Nick's Kids Foundation. 

From the "If Mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy" department comes confirmation from Nick Saban that it was his wife, Terry Saban, that helped convinced him to leave the Miami Dolphins head coaching job for the one at Alabama.

Saban: The Making of a Coach, a soon-to-be-published unauthorized biography of Saban written by Monte Burke, went into the background of how Saban had decided to take the Alabama job after publicly defining interest in it.  Details of the story were related this weekend in The Palm Beach Post.

Saban drelated his version of the story this morning on ESPN's The Herd.

"My wife always made me better," Saban said. "I'm just going to be honest with you. She loves college football and I'm going to say that. I think she wanted to go back to college football."

He went on to discuss the dual meetings with the Dolphins owner and Mal Moore.
"I can tell this story that I never really told publicly before, but I was actually driving home after my meeting with the players after their exit physicals in Miami," Saban said Monday. "I can remember the red light was at on US-1 going to my old Rio Vista house in Fort Lauderdale. I called her to say I'm really not going to talk to these guys (Alabama). And she said 'Well, they're here.' She was already talking to them.

"So then I had to talk to them and one thing led to another. It really was a family decision. I loved Miami and I loved Wayne Huizenga ... but coming to Alabama obviously worked out for us as well."
Burke's book will be released in August.


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