Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Fallout: North Carolina, Boise St., and more.

Welcome to the Fallout -  Sunday edition.

The elephant in the room everyone is talking about.
An investigation by ESPN's Outside the Lines' Paula Lavigne looked into why college athletes (i.e. football and men's basketball players) manage to avoid prosecution or serious legal consequences when they get into trouble. This one will be hot and heavy on sports talk radio for at least a few days.

Adolphus Tale. (Okay I got nothing.)
Bill Landis profiles Ohio State defensive tackle Adolphus Washington. (

Hungry Like the Wolfpack. 
Bill Connelly profiles North Carolina State's 2015 college football season. (SB*Nation)

I'm going to Carolina in my mind. 
Bill Connelly profiles North Carolina's 2015 college football season. (SB*Nation)

Like a Rolling Pistone. 
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State tight end Matt Pistone. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Thank you, Sir. May I have another?
Casey Joplin profiles Boise St. TE Jake Hardee. (OBNUG)


Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end. 
Matt Brown reminds Indiana that the last time the Hoosers beat Ohio State in a football game was in 1988. That was when the Soviet Union was still around, and Ronald Reagan was in his final full year of office. (Land-Grant Holy Land)

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