Monday, May 11, 2015

Michigan reports four secondary violations four secondary violations in Jim Harbaugh's first four months as head coach.

Ooops! Jim Harbaugh has only been Michigan's head football coach for four months, and the school has already reported four secondary violations of NCAA rules.

None of the violations are big enough to cause the NCAA to levy any every penalties onto the Michigan program or to coaches or players that may have been involved. Coaches and staffers involved with violations will have to undergo what's described as "compliance training" to assure they don't break the rules again.

Harbaugh himself was involved in at two of the violations. He provided an "autographed team helmet and jersey" to an auction organized by one of his classmates in high school that benefited a scholarship fund named in honor of a student that had committed suicide.

Harbaugh was also involved in a violation where he members of his coaching staff allowed an unnamed prospect sit with them in "premium seating" at a Michigan hockey home game.

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