Monday, March 9, 2015

Bob Stoops calls racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon video "appalling."

Bob Stoops and Oklahoma players at anti-SAE protest. Photo via @GuerinEmig.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops has described the video of members of an University of Oklahoma fraternity chanting racial slurs that went viral on Sunday as "appalling."

Stoops spoke to The Tulsa World about the incident.

"It’s sad the ignorance that can still be there with some people. It’s just appalling," he said. "I was here to be with my guys. We all work with beautiful young men and women of all races. It’s just, you know, very little gets me choked up. But that hurt."

Stoops snd several members of the Oklahoma football team took part in a protest of the video, which shows members of the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon partaking in a racist chant, which included uses of the "n-word" and mentions of lynching. 
In a related story, a four-star Oklahoma recruit announced on Twitter he has decided to recommit from the school . Speculation on Twitter is that the SAE incident may have been the reason for the decommitment.

(via ESPN)

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