Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Fallout: Week 6 chaos edition.

Welcome to the Fallout - Week 6 Sunday edition, with lots of extra fallout. 

Week 6 began with an ESPN College GameDay for the ages, and that was before Katy Perry pretty much owned Saturday Selections. (Best to retire the segment now, ESPN. Ain't nothing gonna top Katy Perry.) Then the real fun began:

Mississippi State upset Texas A&M. I'm going to assume aTm buries those white and chrome Adidas nightmare unis in the same hazardous waste dump that Georgia buried its black helmets from the 2009 loss to Florida.

Florida defeats Tennessee. In any other year, this isn't an upset. This was, however, Tennessee's best chance since 2004 to beat the Gators, and it couldn't. The hot seat talk about Vols head coach Butch Jones should be starting up pretty soon.

As for Florida, we may have seen the end of the Jeff Driskel era in Gainesville. His replacement as quarterback, Treon Harris, may give the Gators what it takes for a non-upset victory over Georgia in a few weeks.

Ole Miss upset Alabama. Possibly the greatest moment in modern (i.e. post-ESPN) history? Certainly the greatest night for whatever bar Katy Perry decided to celebrate the Ole Miss victory in on Saturday night.

Notre Dame defeats Stanford. Not quite an upset, as the Irish were ranked higher than the Cardinal, but it pretty much shatters the Cardinal's chance for a spot in the College Football Playoff. (OR DOES IT?)

TCU takes down Oklahoma. Barring a hiccup by Baylor, the Sooners are probably on the outside looking in of the CFP.

Best-chance scenario for Oklahoma to get back in the CFP running: The Sooners beat Baylor, with an additional Baylor loss somewhere down the line.

Rutgers defeats Michigan.  By this point, this shouldn't be an upset. The fact Michigan kept it close should have been a positive. As things stand in the wake of the Shane Morris incident, this game has pretty much sealed Brady Hoke's fate at Michigan.

As for Rutgers, A win over Michigan is a landmark win, even with a on-the-ropes Michigan. It gives the Scarlet Knights a little proof to back the idea that "Delany's Folly" (i.e the admission of Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten) might almost have been worth it. 

Georgia Tech defeats Miami. That awkward moment when you realize that the Georgia Tech-Georgia game may have actual CFP national title implications for both the Bulldogs and the Yellow Jackets.

Michigan State defeats Nebraska. With all the chaos on Saturday, this game should have brought the Spartans back completely into the CFP picture. The fact that the Cornhuskers almost came back in the fourth quarter may keep Sparty on the outside looking in.

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