Friday, September 5, 2014

Mark Richt denies sending taunting letter to Clemson fan.

On Thursday, Deadspin posted a story about a Clemson fan who had allegedly sent a "trash-talking" letter to Georgia head coach Mark Richt earlier in the summer.

Following the Bulldogs' 45-21 romp over the Tigers. The fan reports receiving an equally trash-taunting reply from Richt in the mail.

Photo via Deadspin.

Photo via Deadspin.

While many of Georgia fans probably cheered the return of "Dark Richt" (the dark, twisted, version of Richt behind the infamous 2007 Georgia-Florida game "Touchdown Celebration"), their glee was a touch premature. On Thursday night. Mark Richt (or whoever handles his Twitter account) denied he had written the letter.

The envelope should have been a dead giveaway to Deadspin that this was fake.

(via Deadspin. HT: Team Speed Kills)

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