Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart asked about Steve Spurrier's comments about Nick Saban.

Hail Saban!
Kirby Smart. Photo via al.com.
The drama surrounding South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier and his recent jabs at Alabama head coach Nick Saban, refuses to die. Now Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has found himself getting dragged into the mess

Smart was asked whether The Old Ball Coach's comments were an "honest way to describe Nick Saban?" while being interviewed by Atlanta sports radio station 680 the Fan on Monday.

"I'm the same way," Smart told "The Front Row," a morning radio show on Atlanta's 680 The Fan." People are built ... their DNA is different, their personality types. You don't feel comfortable going into the game if you haven't done everything possible to wit's end. You feel like you should do more."

Smart used the last game Alabama and South Carolina played against each other in 2010 as an example of the different ways that how two schools prepared for the same game.The Gamecocks won that game 35-21.

"The year they kicked our butt, Alabama went to South Carolina, I'll never forget," he explained. "They came off an off week, and I was talking to (South Carolina assistant) Shane Beamer. Shane said in the off week, 'we didn't meet once on Saturday or Sunday.' And I was like, 'What? We're meeting non-stop.' I'm thinking this is great. We have this game won.

"It has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. How much do you meet, what you do. ... It's about the players, what they do and putting them in good situations."

Asked why Alabama has so many meetings, Smart responded by saying that it "Makes us feel good." He also said that the meetings mad him "feel good going into the game."

"I'm ready. I've done this. I've looked at third down six times by the time it gets time for the game. I feel comfortable with it. Some of it is superstition, but some of it is preparation."  

Alabama and South Carolina aren't scheduled to meet again in the regular season until 2019.

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