Thursday, June 19, 2014

Washington St. LB Ivan McLennan arrested after allegedly pointing airsoft gun at another person.

Ivan McLennan. Via

Washington State linebacker Ivan McLennan is facing charges of unlawful handling of weapons capable of producing bodily harm. McLennan was arrested on Sunday by Pullman, Wa. police after he allegedly pointed an airsoft gun at at least one person described as a "student."

According to police, they were called to investigate a man what appeared to be a firearm at at least one person who was driving through an area parking lot. Police arrived on the scene, where McLennan and another unidentified individual were " playing with Airsoft guns."

McLennan had previously received a warning by police for a similar incident, which led to his arrest.

Police say that the student who reported the incident on Sunday was concerned that McLennan's actions might lead to an incident similar to the recent shootings at Seattle Pacific University.

According to the Washington St. sports blog CougCenter, "unlawful handling of weapons capable of producing bodily harm" is described as a "gross misdemeanor" in the state of Washington. McLennan faces "364 days in jail and/or a $5,000 fine" if convicted of the charges.

Washington St. representatives declined to comment on the incident to The Spokane Spokesman-Review due the incident being described as being "what it considers to be internal matters.

(via The Spokane Spokesman-Review HT: CougCenter)

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