Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Covering Dixie: Eddie Jackson, Jabari Gorman, Josh Murray, and Kevin Scarbinsky vs. Mike Bianchi.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. It's what your conference wants to be like when it grows up.

Eddie Jackson injury update.
Alabama cornerback Eddie Jackson gives a progress update on how the rehab on his knee that he injured during spring practice is going. Jackson underwent surgery to repair the torn ACL in April. (The Montgomery Advertiser)

The Safety Dance.
Brad Crawford profiles Florida safety Jabari Gorman. (Saturday Down South)

Diamond Life.
Travis Covertson profiles Florida redshirt sophomore tight end Bair Diamond. (Hail Florida Hail)

Case Load. 
Travis Covertson profiles Florida RS freshman wide receiver Case Harrison. (Hail Florida Hail)

You, Me, and Dupree.
Paul Crewe profiles LSU freshman WR Malachi Dupre. (And the Valley Shook)

South Carolina player profile of the day.
Garnet and Black Attack profiles South Carolina RS junior WR K.J. Brent.

Kentucky player profile of the day.
Michael Burgin profiles Kentucky quarterback Tyler Brause. (Wildcat Blue Nation)

It's crazy what you could have had.
Rock M Nation ponders what would happened if Missouri had bolted to the Big Ten instead of the SEC.


Love, exciting and new.
Morgan Weeks reviews the latest edition of The Bachelorette, featuring former Georgia safety and Aaron Murray's brother, Josh Murray. (Bulldawg Illustrated)


Punking Mike Bianchi.
Kevin Scarbinsky looks at what might happen if South Florida and Central Florida applied to join the SEC. Scarbinsky was obviously not impressed with Mike Bianchi's recent suggestion to replace Ole Miss and Mississippi State with the Bulls and Knights. (al.com

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