Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Ten mascots gather for photo shoot in front of White House for photo shoot.

[BLEEP] You, Mascot!

The mascots of the Big Ten held a nightmare convention in front of the White House recently to promote the addition of Maryland and Rutgers to the conference. The group's selfie was shared with an unsuspecting world by the B1G's Twitter account.

The B1G mascots were accompanied by cheerleaders from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin. The Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, of course, do not have mascots (thankfully).

No explanation was given for why Penn State's Nittany Lion or Wisconsin's Bucky Badger mascots were not in the photo. Though I can imagine the Secret Service may have prevented Bucky from being so close to the Oval Office, as he is evil incarnate. You can make your own Penn State jokes.

EDIT: Bucky's there, hiding behind Brutus Buckeye's big head. 

(via CBS Sports)

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