Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nick Saban's new contract with Alabama still hasn't been finalized.

Hail Saban! 

From the "The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer" department comes word that the University of Alabama still hasn't quite gotten around to approving a new contract for head football coach Nick Saban. The new contract was originally worked out and announced in December, but has yet to be placed in front of the school's Board of Trustees compensation committee.

Alabama athletic director told on Tuesday that there was no need for the 'Bama faithful to panic, and that the deal would get done.

"It's been agreed to for a long time," Battle said. "Some of it was working on details and looking at other options and things that took some time back and forth. Another was he is very focused on coaching, recruiting and getting him to think about something that's already agreed to, he doesn't like to do that except when he likes to do it.

"Things move slowly in academic circles, much more so than the regular business world. It happens when it happens. But I think everybody's fine with it as it is right now."

The announcement for the new deal for Saban came after a period of speculation last December that the 62 year-old coach might have been ready to take his talents to Texas. The announcement of the new deal on Dec. 13 put the kibbosh on those dreams for Longhorn fans, who would up with Charlie Strong as the team's new head coach.


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