Monday, April 21, 2014

Ole Miss OL Austin Golson may transfer due to family concerns.

He's Just Not That Into You.

Austin Golson. Via

Ole Miss may have a possible player defection on its hands. Rebels offensive lineman Austin Golson is reportedly thinking about transferring to a school closer to home of Prattville, Al. due to family health concerns. He has two grandparents who reportedly are in poor health.

According to Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze, Golson "is going to look into his options," and that "Nothing has been decided" in regards to his future with the Rebels football program.

The "school closer to home" is reportedly Auburn, which is about 67.8 miles away from Prattville.  (In case your interested, Tuscaloosa is about 90.1 miles away.) Freeze has said he wouldn't make an attempt to block any transfer to another school in the SEC West due to the nature behind the possible transfer.

“Both granddads are sick," Freeze said. "We don’t want someone here who doesn’t want to be here.”

(via Northeast Mississippi News. HT: Saturday Down South.)

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