Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brady Hoke is in charge of Michigan football, and not AD Dave Brandon. Because Brady Hoke said so.

Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke. Via The Detroit News.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke denied suggestions on Monday that his boss, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon, exerts "significant control" the handling of the Wolverine football program.

Hoke said that he makes "every day-to-day decision, how we recruit, who we recruit, what we eat in pregame meal, when we practice, how long we practice, all of it,”

Hoke also said that it was his decision to fire former Wolverine offensive coordinator Al Borgesm and to hire former Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier as his replacement.

“You’ve got to take some time and evaluate,” Hoke said of Borges. “I didn’t want to make any rash decisions. I wanted to go all the way through the bowl game. It (was an) extremely tough decision because you’re dealing with a guy I have a lot of respect for, you’re dealing with a guy who I think is a really good coordinator, and you’re dealing with a family. That is hard.

“I took a week, eight, nine days after the bowl game -- I may be wrong, it may be six days -- to make a decision. I wanted to make one that was best for the University of Michigan and this football program and this school.”
Hoke claims that Brandon "didn’t know Doug Nussmeier,” whom Hoke says he had been keeping an eye on for several years. 

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