Monday, January 6, 2014

Mike Gundy gets chippy with Sports Illustrated reporter in post-Cotton Bowl press conference.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy probably was not in a good mood following the Cowboys' loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl last Friday night. That could explain why he got a little chippy with Sports Illustrated reporter Martin Rickman, who asked the coach if he had prepared for Missouri to use both of its quarterbacks in the game.

Sports Illustrated, it should be noted, was the magazine that published the now-infamous George Dohrmann and Thayer Evans-written "expose" on the Oklahoma State, claiming the school broke all sorts of NCAA rules. The story has been slammed for its inaccuracies and lack of fact-checking.

Rickman should have seen it coming. No word on why Dohnman or Evans weren't sent to Arlington, Tx. to cover the Cotton Bowl.

(via The Crystal Ball Run. HT: Awful Announcing.)

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